Spiritual Principles

The Spiritual Principles of the OA Program

The Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of OA Service have Principles related to them.

They are listed here:

The Principles in the Twelve Steps

(as listed in Step Twelve of The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition)

Step One: Honesty

Step Two: Hope

Step Three: Faith

Step Four: Courage

Step Five: Integrity

Step Six: Willingness

Step Seven: Humility

Step Eight: Self-discipline

Step Nine:

Step Ten: Love, Perseverance

Step Eleven: Spiritual Awareness

Step Twelve: Service

The Principles in the Twelve Traditions

(as listed in the Service, Traditions and Concepts Workshop Manual)

Tradition One: Unity

Tradition Two: Trust

Tradition Three: Identity

Tradition Four: Autonomy

Tradition Five: Purpose

Tradition Six: Solidarity

Tradition Seven: Responsibility

Tradition Eight: Fellowship

Tradition Nine: Structure

Tradition Ten: Neutrality

Tradition Eleven: Anonymity

Tradition Twelve: Spirituality

The Principles in the Twelve Concepts of OA Service

(as listed in The Twelve Concepts of OA Service pamphlet)

Concept One: Unity

Concept Two: Conscience

Concept Three: Trust

Concept Four: Equality

Concept Five: Consideration

Concept Six: Responsibility

Concept Seven: Balance

Concept Eight: Delegation

Concept Nine: Ability

Concept Ten: Clarity

Concept Eleven: Humility

Concept Twelve: Guidelines

(a) Selflessness

(b) Realism

(c) Representation

(d) Dialogue

(e) Compassion

(f) Respect